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PM Skills® provides training in the interpersonal skills and organizational behaviors that have the strongest impact on on team performance and project success

Lead the Way to Project Success

Develop the interpersonal skills needed to lead projects effectively

Change Your Organizational Culture

Foster an environment that is conducive to project success

Earn the PMSCP® Certification

Earn a certification focused on interpersonal skills while you earn PDUs

PM Skills® and the Project Management Skills Certified Professional (PMSCP®) certification is about going beyond abstract concepts. The training provides the practical application of the skills, tools and organizational behaviors that have the strongest impact on team performance and project success.

The Platinum Rule

You’ve heard of the Golden Rule, but what about the Platinum Rule? Find out what it is and how it factors into conflict management in the workplace from Jeanette Millard, a subject matter expert currently featured in the PM Skills® Conflict Management course:

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Project Leaders asked,
PM Skills® answered

In a recent survey conducted by MindEdge Learning, project leaders identified skills such as communication, leadership, problem-solving, team development and critical thinking as being the most essential.  Data shows that these skills, often described as interpersonal skills, contribute to project success by as much as 85%.

While many project management courses touch upon the concepts behind these skills, PM Skills® takes it further, and prepares the learner to put them into practice.

As a project leader, completing the PM Skills® courses and earning your PMSCP® certification shows that you value, understand and can effectively practice the skills needed to generate and foster an environment conducive to project success – which is a key organizational goal.

Featured Courses:

PM Skills® Critical Thinking and Decision-Making

To properly lead projects, project leaders need skills that enable them to assess data and make the most effective decisions possible. In the PM Skills® Critical Thinking and Decision Making course, you’ll learn the skills that will allow you to diagnose problems and situations in ways that will benefit the outcome of your projects.

PM Skills® Interpersonal Skills for Project Leaders

Effective project leaders empower their teams to complete project tasks independently. The PM Skills® Interpersonal Skills for Project Leaders course will help you develop the interpersonal and leadership skills needed to manage teams successfully.

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