Frequently Asked Question

Data shows that interpersonal skills contribute to project success by as much as 85%, and since that is the focus of the PM Skills® courses and the PMSCP® certification, every individual, industry, organization or profession that utilizes project management can benefit from the training offered by the program.  

There are no required prerequisites to begin the PM Skills® program, so it is designed for those that are beginning in the industry, and those that have experience and may have already obtained other certifications.

Because the term “project manager” doesn’t apply to all project management methodologies, we use the term “project leader” to describe the person directing or facilitating a project.

The Agile model and training surrounding its implementation focuses on the practices and iterative approach to project management – the “how-to” of the model. While it may touch on the topic of interpersonal skills and their importance in the success of the practice, it does not offer in-depth training in those skills in the way that PM Skills® does. Therefore, the PM Skills® training and the PMSCP® credential would be an incredible benefit to Agile organizations and practitioners.

Absolutely. Some of the top skills needed to be a successful and effective Scrum Master – leading, planning, communicating, team development – are the exact skills the PM Skills® program focuses on.

The PMI® Certifications, including the PMP®, are largely process-based training. The PM Skills® courses and the PMSCP® focus on the interpersonal skills such as leadership, communication, negotiation, and critical thinking, and could therefore be considered a complementary certification to those offered by PMI®.

They do. Each PM Skills® course carries 3 PMI® PDUs, for a total of 42 PDUs for completion of the program.

As with Agile and PMP® certifications, these also focus their training on how to implement tools, techniques and procedures surrounding the methodology, giving project leaders limited access to resources that focus on the skills they need to lead effectively. The PM Skills® courses and PMSCP® certification are designed to help practitioners close that skills gap.

Yes, learners can take the courses and then choose to not sit for the PMSCP® certification exam. However, they will still need to take and pass the final exam for each course in order to receive your completion certificate for each course.

Yes, students can take individual PM Skills® courses.

It is recommended that learners complete the Interpersonal Skills for Project Leaders course prior to beginning the others.

A learner has 12 months to complete all 14 PM Skills® courses and the PMSCP® certification exam. The courses are self-paced and can be completed in less time.

Yes, in addition to PMI® PDUs, each PM Skills® course carries 0.3 IACET CEUs.

The PMSCP® certification is valid for five years from the date the students pass the exam. In order to maintain the certification, students will need to take a PM Skills® refresher course and the PMSCP® recertification exam prior to the credential expiring.

Students will begin receiving reminders and instructions for recertification a year before their credential expires.

The PMSCP® certification exam is proctored and administered online. It consists of 200 multiple choice questions which are randomly selected and cover material from all 14 PM Skills® courses. Students will have a total of 2 hours to complete the exam.

Students will have 3 attempts to successfully pass the exam with a 70% or higher. Once the exam is complete, they will be notified immediately if they have passed.

No, students will not have access to their answers. This information is kept confidential in order to preserve the integrity of the exam.

There are. The PMSCP® bundles will be offered at a discount to our corporate cohorts. For more information on corporate partnerships, please contact Jennifer Adams (jadams@mindedge.com ).

The PM Skills® courses and PMSCP® certifications exam are all administered online. However, for groups of a certain size, we offer a blended learning option with both online courses and in-person instruction. For more information, contact Jennifer Adams (jadams@mindedge.com).