PM Skills® Simulation: Cuff-It Clothing

The PM Skills® Simulation is a challenging and engaging simulation that explores key real-world issues that project leaders face as they lead and influence their teams.

In the course, the learner has just begun work as a project management consultant at the fictional Cuff-It Clothing, a recent start-up that has experienced rapid growth and now faces major organizational growing pains.  As an outsider, the learner needs to assess the corporate environment, take measure of the organization’s leaders, and help Cuff-It navigate through a period of profound change.

Over the course of the 10-hour simulation, learners are asked to apply specific project management skills to different situations, in each case looking to maximize the benefit for Cuff-It. Learners will earn (or lose) points for the decisions they make in six skill areas: change management, communication, conflict management, leadership, team development, and critical thinking/decision-making.

The Cuff-It Clothing Simulation joins the other courses that are part of the PM Skills® catalog, and is the next step in helping project leaders develop and practice strong interpersonal skills.

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