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Project Management Skills

5 Types of Change and Leadership Approaches

Organizations have always faced the need to change. With the current rate of technological change, intense competitive pressures, shift to a knowledge-based economy, and globalization,

Customer Experience
Project Management Skills

The Customer Experience

Like employees, customers represent a category of stakeholders that every project leader needs to approach with consideration. At some point, nearly all project leaders will

Project Management Skills

Forming a Project Team

No matter how skillful you are as a project leader, it’s unlikely that you’d be able to complete an entire project by yourself—there are just

Project Management Skills

Common Communication Plan Attributes

The results of your stakeholder meetings and analysis will help you to determine your communication approach and to craft a concrete plan for communication and

Critical Thinking
Project Management Skills

10 Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is a thoughtful and reflective process that helps establish the validity of ideas or beliefs. It is an intellectual model for reasoning through issues to

Problem Solving
Project Management Skills

Problem-Solving Strategy

No project is immune to challenges or complications, so, as a project leader, you’ll have to learn to respond quickly to any issues or impediments

Project Management Skills

The Do’s & Don’ts of Delegating

Delegation is an important leadership tool, and project leaders cannot succeed without delegation. While you may be responsible for some project tasks, the majority of

Project Management Skills

Leadership Styles

What makes someone a leader? There are multiple bases for leadership, including whether a person is charismatic, possesses a certain level of expertise, or has attained some

Project Management Skills

Negotiating With Team Members

As a project leader, you may have to negotiate a number of your project’s parameters (e.g., project scope and/or timelines, risk tradeoffs, process-related criteria, iteration content,

Project Management Skills

Effective Leadership Practices

As part of developing their interpersonal skills, project leaders should cultivate strong leadership skills. Project teams need sound leadership from their project leads to complete

Project Management Skills

Cross-Cultural Communication

Especially important in interpersonal communication is the cross-cultural factor. Cross-cultural communication refers to interactions between groups of people who have inherited different sets of values,

Critical Thinking
Project Management Skills

Characteristics of Critical Thinkers

Critical thinking comprises a set of practical skills that, when applied effectively, can benefit us in every dimension of our lives. Mastering these reasoning and